F.A.Q. About My Curly Hair

These are all real questions I have been asked about my curly hair on more than one occasion.

Is that natural?


Do you ever straighten it?


What product do you use?

The Garnier Fructis Style line. Read about my hair care process here.

How do you brush it?

I don’t. We curly girlies comb our hair.

Can I straighten it?

I mean, if you have four hours to spare.

Where did you get your curly hair from? None of your parents have curly hair.

Actually, they both have really curly hair. You should see their wedding photo. Their hair has just gotten straighter over the years.

Are you half black?

Nope. I am very white. My daughter is half Mexican, though. Not that that has any effect on my hair. I just think it’s pretty cool.

Can I touch it?

Only if I get to touch yours.

Why don’t you get it permanently straightened?

For starters, I like my curly hair. It’s tough to manage and definitely takes a lot of care but I still like it. Also, I have met people who have permanently straightened their hair and it hasn’t worked out all that great. Plus, I personally don’t think straight hair looks all that great on me.

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