The Daily Grind

       Balancing school, work, family, exercise, church and more is a tough job. Here are my tips and tricks for getting through your daily grind.

7 Tips For a Better Resume

One of my favorite jobs in college was working at the University Career Services. It was my job to help students get hired. I trained with career specialists and then sat down with students one-on-one to critique and guide their resumes. After working with hundreds of resumes, I have compiled this list of a few good tricks that make every resume job-worthy.

Advice to Incoming College Freshmen

I get it. You just graduated high school where you were the top dog. You’re ready to tackle college and you know exactly what to do. You know your parents’ advice is outdated and you’ve read enough blog posts that you’re ready. I was the same way. So if you won’t listen to your parents and you’re looking for one more post to read, at least consider the top ten things I wish I had known as an incoming college freshman.